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Petz improves productivity and lowers costs of any organisation.

The time of large consulting teams is over. In our management assignments and projects we show how data analytics combined with good relations with your people deliver the same impact as large, often junior, consulting teams.

Petz stands for impact.

Petz delivers on four aspects


Operational Efficiency

To run an organisation productively and efficiently, unlocking an end-to-end value flow is critical. When increasing efficiency of your venture, we always improve productivity in parallel – otherwise costs creep in again.



Petz improves processes, structures, financials, incentives, skills and governance. Our five-phased approach is backed by the world's largest survey on reorganisations and has proven to be more successful than others in more than 20 reorganisations. Contact us to learn more about it.


Analytics & Execution

Petz integrates data analytics in all projects. By aid of reinforcement learning and training our AI models to your organization's data, Petz gets more meaningful analytics in shorter time than large teams of analysts deployed by traditional consultancies.


International Deployment

Petz has a network of more than 150 selected experts all over the world. We have profound experience with China and support both directions – international firms into China and Chinese firms going international.

Petz works throughout the public, private, and non-profit sectors

Petz provides interim management and consults tech companies. Founded by Peter Buchas who was Project Manager at h&z Management Consulting, Director at Quartz Associates (a McK spin-off), Managing Director at Quartz Technologies (a workforce AI startup) and served on C level in operations and finance.

Petz delivered more than 80 projects through its network. We reorganise companies within less than 6 months to increase profitability and deliver their strategy. Our forte is operations, finance, technology and hands-on execution.

>80 projects

successfully closed over the last 15 years

<6 months

duration for even large-scale reorganisations

+13 % avg. share price

increase in the year after our deployments

150 experts

in our network to support with domain expertise

Project examples

We are constantly learning. And enthusiastic to bring experiences as the ones listed here to our clients.

Travel tech | reorganisation

Target: Realise the new strategy by reorganizing structure, process, people
Outcome: Adapted the structure down to CEO-4, optimized processes (e.g. new business dev), controlled workforce transition into new roles/ efficiency measures. Share price increase by 25% over the following 12 months.

Trading firm | strategy delivery

Target: Increase net trading profit
Outcome: Implemented controlling of strategic initiatives & resource planning, re-defined structure & roles, introduced OKRs, adapted IT systems.
Share price increased by 32% over the following 12 months.

Rail technology | lean reorg

Target: increase customer value, reduce throughput times, lower cost
Outcome: lean processes implemented in all admin areas, increased NPS by 7%–points, reduced process time by 25-70%, lowered cost by 18%. And: won the client’s implementation award.

Renewable energy | head of operations

Target: increase profitability by optimizing the e2e value chain
Outcome: identified and implemented 12 improvement topics (e.g. sales incentivation, "first time right", lean@site, correct invoicing). Increased cash flow by 35%, installations/week by ~30%, profitability by 32%.

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